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I would like to thank all my clients for their feed back, which is invaluable, especially those who have given me permission to allow their testimonials to be used on this site.



Jessica – Brain injury, with a note from her parents

After suffering a brain injury nine months ago, I have been receiving Bowen Therapy from Jen Webster. After my accident I had a Paralysed vocal cord, and was unable to speak above a whisper. I had lost my sense of taste and smell, had very sore neck and shoulders, and was generally weak from my injury…

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Since Jen has been working on me my voice has returned to full strength, my sense of smell is improving and, I can now tell the difference between salty and sweet tastes. My neck and shoulders are so much better and my general strength is greatly improved. I’m in no doubt that Bowen has been a huge factor in my recovery. Jen is a remarkable therapist who takes her time to really understand what her patients’ needs are. She works calmly, and with great sensitivity. After Bowen treatment I feel calm, relaxed, and generally in better health. Jen is also wonderful about making me feel better about myself and my situation. I always look forward to my treatment and seeing Jen who is very professional, and dedicated to helping me recover.

On the 19 August 2012, whilst on holiday in Faro Portugal, my daughter Jessica aged 23 fell five metres from a balcony smashing her head on the edge of a set of marble steps. Jessica was in intensive care in an induced coma for a week. We were informed to expect the worst due to the severity of her brain damage. Finally, after developing pneumonia and other complications, the ventilator was removed and Jessica was removed to a neurological ward. After three weeks Jessica was taken by an air ambulance to the John Radcliff Hospital Oxford and placed in the Neuro Sciences unit. At this point Jessica was very ill. Her left vocal cord was paralysed and had absolutely no coordination and was in an agitated state. As soon as we received the harrowing phone call on the 19 August, we, the family, Mum, Dad and elder daughter flew out to Faro as did parents of the other friends on holiday with Jessica, one of whom was Jen Webster who is also a Bowen Therapist. They all gave us tremendous support. In a matter of days after the accident, Jen approached us and offered her Bowen treatment to Jessica. Up until then we had not heard of Bowen Therapy. Jen then proceeded to explain the process and potential benefits. We agreed whole heartedly for Jen to start as soon as Jessica was back in England. On about 10 September, with the agreement of the John Radcliff Hospital, Bowen Therapy commenced and is continuing today. What a change took place. From Jessica being in a somewhat helpless childlike state, no voice and was very ill. Today where, apart from no taste or smell (although changes to both are now noticeable) and slightly impaired perception Jessica is still improving. Jessica is now able to travel on her own and shows no outward signs of having suffered the horrendous accident. Regular Bowen treatment has helped Jessica enormously with her remarkable recovery. We would like to say, Bowen apart, that it is due to Jennifer Webster being such a calm, kind and caring person and her dedication to helping her patients that makes her an incredibly especially special person to whom we are eternally grateful.


Richard - Sciatica
I have for a long time suffered from sciatica with the corresponding back and leg pain. I like walking and working my springer spaniel and found that I was gradually losing the flexibility and mobility that made these pastimes enjoyable...

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I am a cynical male and like proven theories and facts and used to believe that if it doesn't hurt then it cannot do you any good".
My wife knew that my increasing stiffness and consequent discomfort and pain needed treatment.  Conventional therapy had mixed success in the past so she did some research and uttered the fateful words "I have made an appointment for you". This was my introduction to Bowen Therapy and Jennifer Webster. Jennifer explains and administers the therapy in a friendly but professional way and explains the theory behind it very clearly. The treatment was non intrusive and non-embarrassing.  Precise touches and light manipulation separated by periods of rest nevertheless caused a tangible reaction. I felt much more flexible and ache free immediately afterwards.  This did not last however and a couple of days later I did feel quite sore but this seemed part of a healing process.   Within a day or so I felt much better than before. This has continued to be the trend with a very steady but noticeable improvement after every treatment which has resulted in a big improvement in my flexibility plus a substantial reduction in the pain I have been experiencing.
I am pleased that my wife was more open minded than me and, with respect to Bowen Therapy, I am a reformed cynic.


Serena - Back
'A Brilliant Bowen therapist' - Jen sorted out my back problem which enabled me to train for, compete in and successfully complete the New York marathon.

Judi - Tennis elbow & hand injury

I first encountered this procedure about 8 months ago when I suffered badly from tennis elbow and physiotherapy did not appear to address the problem. I had a consultation with you at your treatment rooms and subsequently submitted to three sessions of treatment...

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Initially, I was unsure, as I was unfamiliar with the method but after a few minutes I completely relaxed and felt "Quietly at peace" with myself. Subsequently before each visit I felt myself enjoying the whole experience. I was unprepared for such a rapid improvement in my symptoms and within three sessions my elbow was completely back to normal without the slightest twinge or pain.

Several months later I endured a pulled tendon in my hand which was sufficiently painful to warrant strapping and medication and I was advised that it would take six weeks and a course of physiotherapy to correct the problem. I attended one treatment using the Bowen technique and found after 2-3 days that my wrist has become more flexible and the pain has disappeared.

I cannot recommend this treatment too highly and feel this to be a suitable alternative, for similar complaints, to lengthy physiotherapy courses and continual tablet taking.


Pete - Shoulders, knees & eye pain
I'm a builder and had never ever had any form of alternative treatment, rarely even going to the doctors - Jen persuaded me to try Bowen for chronic shoulder and arm pain. After 3 sessions over a few weeks the pain level decreased dramatically. However, to my amazement after Jens' consultations and Bowen therapy she was able to address knee pain, which has disappeared and I realised after her treatments that I no longer suffer with excruciating eye pain that I have had for 20 years! 

Pauline - Knee
My knee had been increasingly uncomfortable for several weeks. I was conscious that my walking was being affected by my reluctance to put weight on that joint .I had reached a decision to visit my G.P. to ask for advice/help.
Jen offered some Bowen treatment to help with the problem. After the initial session my knee joint felt relaxed and very comfortable. It was a miraculous relief from the pain and discomfort I'd, 'put up', with for so long. I was amazed that such a simple treatment was so effective.

Jenny - back
'Absolutely  brilliant! I'd been in agony for months. After the first session I immediately had much more movement in my lower back and hip and by the end of the 3rd session the pain was a distant memory. I particularly liked the way that Jennifer explained the Bowen treatment - I felt I was in safe hands.

And finally, my own personal testimonial
I believe in Bowen - yes I have had Bowen treatment too, and it really works! I had treatments in January (2010) for a fractured shoulder - an injury which could only heal by itself. I had 3 Bowen treatments which gave immediate relief from pain and increased flexibility. Both my orthopaedic consultant and physiotherapist, independently, were amazed by the speed of my recovery